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About Y-Dash

Y-Dash is a universal electronic unit that monitors signals from the vehicle's sensors, and send them over Bluetooth. The Android app Y-Dash view receives the data stream, and visualizes it on a high tech dashboard. Y-Dash is not connected to the OBD port, so it can be installed on older vehicles too.

Y-Dash Unit


Y-Dash can be installed in almost any vehicle. It can easily be wired just like an aftermarket gauge. Born as a motorcycle accessory, it is also used in rally cars, slalom, hill climb and also boats.

Sturdy Design

Top quality components and professional post-processing and testing make our products a reliable choice you can rely on. Our designs are made to withstand the harsh automotive environment without any problem, bringing a high-tech feature to your vehicle.


Leading edge at all costs. Our technology is the first and unique in the market, because it blends the versatiliy of a universal gauge into a high tech digital dashboard. Ready to step into the future?

Fast Code

Our low level programming allows the build of lightweight applications, that run great on older devices too. No need to stick your thousand dollars device to your handlebar. Y-Dash View runs on Android versions 4.1.2 and higher.

Easy To Customize

The rich menu allows a fine customization of the app, to match the vehicle features. All the parameters can be edited from the app, no hardware settings are required. Moreover, the settings are stored in the Y-Dash unit, so there is no need to reprogram it if you change Android device.

Free Software

You can download our software for free. Once you buy a Y-Dash unit, you get for free all the future updates, without ads. All the future releases will be compatible with your Y-Dash unit, no need to buy a new one. Firmware upgrade is also free, just send us your unit.

Available Tools

Workshop Section

Take a look at our tutorials and experiences by visiting our Workshop Area. There you can find lots of useful info, installation procedures and examples. The workshop is periodically updated with new content.

Y-Dash Unit

Follow the installation manual to install the Y-Dash unit on your vehicle. The wiring process is easy, but may be daunting if you are at your first experience, please have your unit installed by a professional in this case.

Y-Dash View for Android

Download and install Y-Dash View from Google Play, connect to the Y-Dash unit and set it up to suit your vehicle. Take advantage of the Power Launcher widget to get a fully hands free experience. Enabling "the expert mode", the app becomes completely customizable, allowing the upload of custom graphics, as well as the availability of race chronometer and rally roadbook.

Y-Dash Builder for Windows

Y-Dash Builder is the Windows tool to create custom dashboards. Create your favourite gauges with your favourite images, and upload them to the Android device. You can upload as many dashboards you like, and switch them while driving. Insert your brand to sign your custom creations.

Y-Dash unit and app layout

Technical Specifications

Y-Dash requires 12v supply. Rpm signal can be connected to the ignition coil or ecu tachometer output. Speed can be computed using internal GPS, stock sensor (if compatible) or external sensor. Analog channels with learning procedure: fuel level and engine temperature. Digital channels for lamps: high beam, turn left, turn right, oil pressure, neutral. Gears are computed after self-learning setup. Kilometers or miles, Celsius or Fahrenheit units. Settings are stored in the unit, so you don't have to set it up again after changing device.



  • Bluetooth Streaming
  • 35mm x 58mm x 16mm Dimensions
  • 7 Digital Channels
  • 2 Analog Channels
  • 100% Universal
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